Sustainable Practices: Large-Scale Installations with Ingrid Carrozi: Living Wall & Chandelier on Wednesday, August 21st (9:30am – 4:00pm)

At FlowerSchool, it is our responsibility to teach the best floral design techniques, including environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Floral foam, although practical and a ‘go-to’ mechanic for many years, is harmful and detrimental to the environment. The foam itself is made from phenol-formaldehyde filled with carcinogens, which is one of the oldest types of plastics, taking over a century to break down in landfills and oceans. Though there are new “bio-degradable” oasis foam bricks available, they are not completely bio-degradable and still pollute the land and oceans. While we acknowledge this is a step in the right direction, we would like our community to be aware of these eco-friendly alternatives to floral-foam.


At the center of Ingrid Carozzi’s mission for her company, Tin Can Studios, is a commitment to the environment and sustainable work. This can best be seen through Ingrid’s large-scale installations such as living walls to hanging floral chandeliers—her work is always impressive and inspiring.  With sustainable practices at the core of what she does, in this all-day workshop Ingrid will discuss leading issues in today’s event design industry and demonstrate their alternative methods to the traditional floral foam mechanic.


In this class, students will learn:

  • How Ingrid uses her creativity to create magic
  • The benefits of sustainable focused design
  • The mechanics for ‘foam free’ large-scale installations
  • Hands-on installation of a living wall and flower chandelier
  • Insider tips on the best sustainable products for design


This all day-workshop will begin with a class discussion about sustainable floral practices and the negative impact of floral foam on the environment. After a slideshow of Ingrid’s past work, students will spend the rest of the morning conceptualizing and building the necessary structures, focusing on the process and mechanics needed to implement both large-scale installations for the living wall and floral chandelier. Ingrid will go into detail about the requirements needed for foam-free flower walls and suspended floral designs.





After lunch provided by FlowerSchool, students will focus on designing the living wall and flower chandelier to completion throughout the afternoon. Ingrid will discuss using sustainable products such as ‘Eco-Wraps’ and other secrets of the design industry. Do not miss the opportunity to learn large-scale, sustainable design practices that Tin Can Studios is so recognized and celebrated for.