FlowerSchool New York in Mexico City – Tuesday, November 5th – Friday, November 8th, 2019

FlowerSchool New York will join Bunch of Flowers in Mexico City to teach our NYSED Wedding Design & Tablescaping Series and Advanced Design Series from November 5th – 8th. To register for these programs in Mexico City, email Bunch of Flowers at:


Wedding Design and Tablescaping Program  (November 5th & 6th)

This Advanced Wedding Series focuses on elevated skills for party decor. It presupposes knowledge of certain techniques such as proper flower processing, arranging skills and familiarity floral production. The series includes step-by-step instruction of four wedding-specific design skills including: Decorative Garlands, Monumental Urn Arrangements, Elevated Centerpieces and installations such as Chuppahs, Arches and Flower Walls. Students will walk away from this series with a great understanding of the most important, sustainable, wedding mechanics and designs!

All designs in this series will be demonstrated and taught without the use of floral foam promoting FlowerSchool’s sustainability mission and focus.


Advanced Design Series (November 7th & 8th)

This series is a continuation of FSNY skills programs and introduces more advanced level techniques including tape and grid, chicken wire and so much more. Here, students will learn how to create their own palettes focusing on flower selection, color theory, theme and overall scope of the design. This is a great course to develop your personal design style and creativity benefitting from professional critique!

Wedding Design & Tablescaping Series: Decorative Garlands (Nov 5th: 10:00am – 12:30pm)

A garland is a great way to create an architectural element for a table or structure at any event or wedding. This design element is extremely popular and versatile for many uses. In this class, we will demonstrate the best techniques for a natural, elegant table garland perfect for a lush, organic wedding including how best to keep flowers hydrated and transportation requirements. Using a base of greenery each student will build a 3-5 ft (approx 1 meter) garland to take home.









Wedding Design & Tablescaping Series: Monumental Urn Arrangements (Nov 5th: 1:30pm – 4:0pm)

In this class, students will learn how to decorate a ceremony site with large-scale, 180-degree arrangements. After a short discussion on vessel choice and scale of arrangements, the instructor will demonstrate how to prep a large-scale container with chicken wire, and create a three-sided arrangement that is structurally balanced, 3-6 meters tall and stunningly beautiful! Students will work in groups to create large-scale arrangements.









Wedding Design & Tablescaping Series: Modern Elevated Centerpiece (Nov 6th: 10:00pm – 12:30pm)

This class will feature elevated designs for events or weddings. This style allows for a floral component to be raised at least 24 inches off the table and viewed from all sides (360 degrees), which greatly changes the orientation and viewpoint of the design. In teams of two, students will create their own elevated centerpiece and must concentrate on the viewer’s perspective as well as making a perfectly round design.











Wedding Design & Tablescaping Series: Installations: Chuppahs, Arches and Walls (Nov 6th: 1:30pm – 5:00pm)

After a discussion and slideshow on flower installations including logistics, timing, material requirements and flower selections and best methods for attaching flowers, in groups students will design and decorate one chuppah, an arch and a wall – taking turns at each station. This will allow students to experience each installation and learn how to complete large-scale installations to fruition.

















Advanced Design Series: Classic Compote Design (Nov 7th: 10:30pm – 12:30pm)

This class will focus on the low, lush and abundant style using the classic compote; a footed shallow vase usually used for serving fruit. Students will learn to correctly use chicken wire to hold flowers in the shallow compote and learn the best technique for creating an abundant centerpiece. Rather than replicating a recipe as in some classes, students will now have to develop their own palette and style based on the class lecture and materials. The instructor will coach each student to insure that they are successful.






Advanced Design Series: Large Scale Modern Design (Nov 7th: 1:30pm – 4:00pm)

This class will teach the students how to make a tape, wire and grid system for large-scale designs suitable for commercial contracts. This program will show the technique of replacing the foam structure for a sustainable and longer lasting installation. Instruction will focus on flower selection for maximum longevity and inspiring students to create, innovative, modern designs.








Advanced Design Series: Creating Organic and Sophisticated Containers (Nov 8th: 10:30pm – 12:30pm)

This class will focus on creating organic and sophisticated containers to develop cohesive design floral compositions bringing the style through the entire composition of the arrangement. Rather than replicating a recipe, as in earlier classes, students will again have to develop their own palette and style based on the class lecture. The instructor will coach each student to insure that they are successful.








Advanced Design Series: Contemporary Asymmetrical Design (Nov 8th: 1:30pm – 4:00pm)

Over the last ten years a new standard of design has become prominent and celebrated throughout the floral design community, and is best demonstrated by designers like Tin Can Studios, Sullivan Owen and Summer Robins Design. With origins in Brooklyn and California, this contemporary aesthetic and style will feature contemporary qualities like asymmetry with an emphasis on foliage. In this class, and building upon the techniques learned in the first class, students will create a contemporary, asymmetrical design that is engaging and representative of today’s most exciting trends.






Tuition includes the floral designs that students create in each of the four classes, vessels, a floral knife, floral clippers, a FlowerSchool New York apron and FlowerSchool New York Handbook & Recipes. To register for this program, email Bunch of Flowers at: or


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